Welcome to Quirk of Fate, TheFanlistings.org‘s  approved listing for Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford from the PlayStation Portable (PSP) video game Star Ocean: Second Evolution (originally titled Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PlayStation 2) and its various spinoffs, including Star Ocean EX, the sequel Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, the manga inspired by both the game and the anime, and the latest entry in the Star Ocean series, Star Ocean: Anamnesis, a mobile game that brings characters from the different games together with new characters, for a variety of new missions.

This fanlisting was last updated on December 4, 2020 .

Claude? Crawd? Rena?

Claude C. Kenny (sometimes misspelled as Crawd C. Kenny  in various manga illustrations, and pronounced “Clode” in the English dub of Star Ocean EX, instead of “Claw-d,” the correct pronunciation of this name) is one of two protagonists of the Square-Enix video game Star Ocean: Second Evolution. He is a young ensign from Earth’s Pangalactic Federation who accidentally gets transported to another planet while investigating strange readings during an away mission. Little does he know that the planet he arrives on has a legend about foreigners appearing in “strange raiments…”

Rena Lanford is the other protagonist of the game and a firm believer in the legend of the “Hero of Light,” who will come to save her planet, Expel, during its time of need. Monsters have increasingly appeared throughout the countryside following a cataclysm caused by an object known as the “Sorcery Globe,” and Rena wants to get to the bottom of it. She has no idea just how deeply her own past ties into the truth of what the Sorcery Globe is and why Expel is covered in monsters.

Both of these characters meet each other in the beginning of the game and spend a great deal of time together. This fanlisting celebrates them as a couple (romantically), but also as great friends, warrior-in-arms, and partners for a greater good.

What’s a Fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a place where fans (that’s you) gather to show their pride, their devotion, their love of– a character, a pairing, anything! Since this fanlisting is devoted to Claude and Rena, if you like them together (as friends, lovers, whatever!) then join! Those with AND without websites are welcome to join– there are all sorts of cool buttons, banners, and text links to choose from! So come on, join us!

Why Quirk of Fate?

Claude first shows up on Rena’s planet of Expel after investigating a mysterious object while on an away mission to another planet lightyears away. Rena just so happened to be in Arlia Forest near her hometown when Claude suddenly appeared, and he was able to save her from a monster that suddenly attacked her! While some might call this a “coincidence,” I choose to call it a “Quirk of Fate,” since this one tiny incident set off an adventure that many have enjoyed playing, watching, and reading along with for many years.