Okay, so you’ve joined the fanlisting– now you wanna link back! (How sweet of you!)

We’ve got a wide variety of linking banners and buttons for use wherever you want; web pages, links pages, signatures, avatars… anywhere that you please! Just make sure that wherever you use it, you include a link to Quirk of Fate! We’re at

Please, NO DIRECT LINKING of these images; save them to your own hard-drive, and then upload them to your own server. Be aware that if you have a free server, such as Tripod, your image might not display properly if you try to direct link from here, so don’t even try! Alternatives like PhotoBucket and Flickr are readily available.

If you don’t like what you see here (*sniff sniff*) then please feel free to use the donation form below to expand our collection! Pictures should be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format, and of a standard linking size; overly large banners or buttons will NOT be accepted. We’re looking for the following sizes, though others within these ranges are acceptable:

200×40 / 234×60 – mini banner
50×50 / 100×100 / 60×60 – square buttons
88×31 / 90×36 / 100×35 / 100×50 – buttons
468×60 – full banners
202×102 – nametags
86×64 – forum avatars
If you have no way of hosting images, then feel free to link to us with a TEXT link! Our URL is above, so all you have to do is post it somewhere and say that it’s Quirk of Fate (or QoF) – The Claude C. Kenny x Rena Lanford Fanlisting!

Please do not use these images for any other purposes aside from linking to QoF. Thank you!

Initial codes generated by the tool at; images from Mayumi Azuma’s “Treasure” and “Second Treasure” illustration books and Star Ocean EX anime art.

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